Miley Cyrus may not have won any MTV Video Awards last night at the dazzling Brookyln ceremony, but she surely provided one of the evening's most talked about performances as she twerked, ground, twerked and then twerked some more.

Miley Cyrus
Miley's Tongue: More Famous Than The Singer.

For those unfamiliar with the term, 'twerking' refers to the dance move craze sweeping clubs and Miley's music videos where one's backside jiggles when one's hips are moved up and down quickly. Miley has virtually trademarked the routine and makes sure everyone knows how proficient she is in the art of the twerk by performing the move at every given opportunity.

Miley Cyrus MTV
Miley & Her Tongue Used The Awards To Debut A New Hairstyle.

Wearing a tight, nude-coloured, latex bikini and white brothel creepers, Miley performed with R&B singer Robin Thicke on the notorious track 'Blurred Lines,' twerking against Thicke's crotch even though his wife Paula Patton sat only rows away. She stuck her tongue out as she pranced up and down the stage, encircling Thicke before she skipped away, singing verses of the song.

Watch Footage Of Miley's MTV VMAs Performance:

Clearly having a whale of a time, Miley also performed her own No.1 hit, 'We Can't Stop,' whilst surrounded by lots of giant, furry bears which she ground against whilst showing the audience her tongue again. Onlooking celebrities and TV viewers watched Miley's performance with a mixture of horror, revulsion and admiration as the ex-Hannah Montana star danced away the evening's modesty.

Tweeting after her performance, Miley informed her fans that she'd left the event, prompting her followers to interpret her tweet as a little bitter. "Leaving the VMAs. No it's not over. I'm no psychic but congrats @onedirection #songofthesummer," she wrote, referencing the 'Song of the Summer' award that she and One Direction were up for. Miley was right - the One Direction boys were victorious - but her tweet does take on a flavour of 'sore loser' if Miley wrote it after realising that she wouldn't be the centre of attention any more.

Miley Cyrus MTV VMAs
One Of Miley's More Conservative Outfits Of The Evening.

Even if Miley was so sure that she wasn't going to win, surely she could have stayed at the ceremony to cheer for the evening's remaining winners? We're guessing she wasn't trying to be first guest at the after party when she took off from the VMAs either and had clearly been looking forward to the evening's festivities when she tweeted "Today's already the f**king best day ever! Just wait till VMAs tonight" earlier in the day.

Miley Cyrus MTV Tongue
...And Here Miley & Tongue Are Again.

C'mon Miley, you might not have a shiny moon man to sit on your mantelpiece this year but we'll have images of you twerking your latex-clad backside on giant stuffed bears scorched on to our minds forever. Cheers.