Miley Cyrus, after horrifying the US nation with her twerking, skipped any after parties for the MTV VMAs on Sunday 25th August. Her reason was not coping with crushing embarrassment but, according to sources, she had a last minute date in the recording studio with Kanye West. It seems West was "in a creative mood" according to sources and "just decided to capture their creative engery and record right after the show. They decided that night."

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus pre-catastrophic performance on the red carpet at the MTV VMAs.

For West's sake, let's hope the decision came before he saw Cyrus perform!

Cyrus' performance at the VMAs, in case anyone has been on the moon for the past few days, featured twerking; giant teddy-bears; a flesh coloured bikini; and Robin Thicke. For those of you who have seen the footage, it's blatantly obvious it's not a great combination. 

But will a West and Cyrus collaboration prove more successful? They certainly appear on opposite ends of the music spectrum with Cyrus a graduate from the school of cheesy Disney pop, whereas West is grittier and his music deals with darker issues. If the meeting was indeed last minute, perhaps West was impressed by Cyrus' twerking. 

Whatever the reason, it seems the two were happy to share their music with one another. The source claims the West and Cyrus have been working on a few tracks together which will be released. These sources claim, speaking to The New York Post, that the pair have remixed West's 'Black Skinhead' track and experimented with a few of Cyrus' tracks from her upcoming album Bangerz

Kanye West
Kanye West at a New Years Eve party in Las Vegas.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus at the MTV VMAs.