Finally someone is taking action against Miley Cyrus' tongue. It seems her omnipresent tongue has caused a lawsuit after a construction worker was injured whilst working on a giant tongue slide.

The giant mouth and tongue shaped slide was part of Cyrus' Bangerz tour but the construction of the set piece left one worker injured, according to TMZ. The worker in question, Charles Nicholas Sarris, filed his lawsuit again the equipment company responsible for making the novelty set piece. The company, ShowFx Inc. is an L.A. based firm who was hired to construct the tongue and Sarris was hired to assist in the project. Unfortunately for Sarris, he was allegedly badly injured during the construction. He claims the equipment ShowFx Inc. provided him with was faulty and, as a result, he fell and sustained injury. 

The suit rests on whether the company truly were, as Sarris claims, aware of the dangers involved in the construction and that they failed to warn him of the potential problems in the building project. Sarris is suing for unspecified damages, 

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This is not the only mouth related news for Cyrus as she's recently had a "sad kitty" tattooed on her inner lip. The tattoo is of a yellow cat with a single tear and was evidently acquired after a night out in Tulsa, Oklahoma where the singer performed on Thursday (13th March). Whether the tattoo is a permanent fixed or not remains to be seen but she's certainly flaunting it as if it is. 

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus' tongue has finally caused a lawsuit.

Miley Cyrus
A construction worker building Cyrus' tongue slide was badly injured.