That Miley Cyrus is getting raunchier by the day gosh darnit. She’s got that racey new hairstyle, that hunk of a boyfriend, a series of revealing outfits, it really seems she’s looking to stir things up a little heading into 2013.

For instance, check out this OUTRAGEOUS piece of news: the platinum blonde star only went and posted a picture on twitter, of her driving around with a sex doll strapped in to the passenger seat! Shenanigans! Japery! Cyrus has been tweeting a fair bit in the run-up to Christmas, according to the Daily Mirror, and at one point perhaps even suggested to her fans that she’d dumped boyfriend Liam Hemsworth to indulge in a same sex relationship. "I love waking up to a beautiful girl in my arms ;)" she wrote, although those who had the good sense to look at the accompanying picture actually saw that she was referring to one of her dogs, who she was shown in bed with.

Regarding the sex doll, Cyrus opted for another witty caption, writing: "Does this count for the carpool lane? Such a nice Xmas gift”. The picture itself showed her putting her thumb up and winking in a mimic of the doll’s expression. That said, she’s also been posting some more savory photos, including an impressive looking Christmas tree, so maybe she hasn’t gone entirely raunchy just yet.