The swatting pranks in Hollywood continue, with the latest victims reportedly being Miley Cyrus (again) and Paris Hilton (also for the second time.) LA police still haven’t figured out who is behind the pranks, which means the incidents are continuing. According to TMZ, last night marked the second incident, where a fake emergency call was placed from the Cyrus residence. When the cops arrived, however, the coast was all clear. According to the report, Miley wasn’t even at home when the police stormed the place.

And the singer wasn’t the only one swatted this week. Another high-profile celeb, who got an unexpected visit by the police, was Paris Hilton herself. Another report by TMZ broke the story that Paris had been swatted for the second time mere hours ago. Apparently, the fake call claimed that someone was holding Paris hostage in her bedroom with a gun to her head. But once again, when the cops arrived, they found the home empty (with the exception of Hilton’s dogs). It wasn’t until the socialite came home later to find her house surrounded by squad cars, that she even realised what had happened.

It is unclear why the people behind the swatting pranks are doing them, or what they stand to gain – aside from the mild annoyance of some rich celebrities, but with Justin Timberlake, Khloe Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Russell Brand, Ryan Seacrest, Miley Cyrus and Magic Johnson all on the swatted list, this is officially turning into an epidemic.

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Miley and Paris were among the first ones to join the swatted club and are now getting repeat visits.