In the space of just a few days, the open letter that Sinead O’Connor sent to Miley Cyrus has turned into quite an intense feud. After O’Connor posted her original letter, urging Cyrus to essentially cover up, and not let herself be “prostituted” by the media industry, the younger musician responded by posting screencaps of O’Connor’s tweets from over a year ago, in which the singer sought help for a mental condition.

Sinead O'Connor, BestivalMiley Cyrus, Rockafeller Center
What began as a well-meaning letter has devolved into a full-on feud.

Naturally, O’Connor responded in a less-than-motherly tone to the attack, but now it seems like the 46-year-old singer misjudged the size and intensity of Miley’s audience. The fan reaction has prompted a fourth open letter from Sinead to Miley, listing the abuse, inflicted by Cyrus’s followers, according to People.

"As a result of what you did, I have had numerous communications from people urging me to commit suicide," the "Nothing Compares 2 U" singer wrote. "Not to mention, I have been the subject of literally thousands of abusive articles and or comments left after articles, which state that I and therefore all perceived mentally ill people, should be bullied and be invalidated."

Miley Cyrus, Rockafeller Center
The question now is, how will Cyrus respond?

The singer also rushed to the defense of Amanda Bynes, who is another notable case of mental illness unfolding in the public eye. As for herself, O’Connor said:"Luckily I am a strong person. And I have four children whose lives would be destroyed if I were to buckle under the abuse you set me up for. If I were not, and or I did not have four children, these types of communications and these types of articles and remarks could have had their desired effect."

O’Connor also mentioned that the backlash from Miley fans has negatively affected her children and threatened the Wrecking Ball singer with legal action.

Miley Cyrus. The Today Show
So far the singer has been too busy promoting her new album to respond to the latest from O'Connor.