Miley Cyrus always makes best friends with the "lighting guy".

The singer-and-actress - who locks lips with her real life boyfriend in recent movie 'The Last Song' - thinks the key to making a screen kiss look good is to have the best possible lighting, and so always does what she can to get the crew on her side.

She said: "What makes the perfect movie kiss? I'll let you into a little secret: the best thing that I learned on my show is to become best friends with your lighting guy.

"That way, they make you look really good in every single scene - especially for that perfect movie kiss. That's my main trick as an actress. Make friends with the lighting guy and you'll be fine!"

Miley used her technique on the 'Last Song', and admits her smooch with Liam was not as "perfect" as it may have appeared.

She added: "In all movies, the kiss is always planned. It's written to be the most perfect kiss ever - but in reality, that's unlikely to happen to anyone. It's cool that I get to live out that fairytale life, but it's not real."