Miley Cyrus appeared at the MTV EMAs this weekend, which inevitably meant that Miley Cyrus was going to do something relatively outrageous this weekend. Rather than scar the Smith family for life again, this time Miley has sparked a drugs outrage after sparking up what can only be assumed to be a marijuana joint whilst on stage at the Amsterdam-held awards show.

Miley Cyrus
Miley also recevied attention for her choice of outfits

In what seems to be a relatively clear reference to the controversial act, Miley has since taken to Twitter to give her own opinion on her latest example of attention-grabbing action. Turns out, she's not really that bothered if she did cause offence or not, because sometime in life, "you just gotta decide to not give AF."

The singer made it clear that she doesn't care that some people are bothered by her antics with the Monday (11 Nov.) tweet, yet in all honesty her uncaring attitude, and the stunt itself, isn't exactly a revealing look into Miley's tolerance for drugs. The singer has spoken openly about taking drugs in the past and in particular she has spoken on various occasions about her love for the ganja. Still, this hasn't stopped people from reacting to the stunt, and MTV have even taken steps to ensure that the clip isn't seen again, by editing the footage of Miley's acceptance speech in re-runs to instead show footage of the audience.

It wasn't all about Miley on Sunday

It wasn't just joint smoking that landed the singer in the gossip columns though, as her choice of outfits were also befitting of regular publicity. The white leotard she wore during the awards show gained ample discussion, as did the backless minidress - one featuring images of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur - she wore to the opening of the ceremony. It wouldn't be a MTV awards show without her would it?

Miley Cyrus EMAs
Tacky or stylish? You be the judge