Despite the rumors that have been spreading like wildfire in the past couple of days, the Miley/Liam engagement is definitely not off.

That is what the starlet had to say in response to the rumor mill furiously churning. So how did the whole thing start anyway? Miley simply stepped out without her ring yesterday (Friday, March 8). Engagement ring that is. In normal people world that could mean anything from “Miley didn’t want the huge cumbersome ring on while she was working out” to “she was just getting it cleaned”. However, Cyrus and Hemsworth live in LA – the land of exaggerated rumors and misleading press and as such, the only logical conclusion was: they’ve broken up.

Liam HemsworthMiley Cyrus

Apart, but still together: Liam on the set of Paranoia and Miley at the Elton John Foundation Oscar Party

The rumor was initially reported by People Magazine. "Miley is still upset with Liam," a source told People on Friday after the 20-year-old star stepped out sans engagement ring. "She took the ring off to make him mad." It makes sense, considering the relationship trouble those two have been having lately, however, the source also went on to say: "It doesn't mean that they have split. Miley says they are still together." So are they or aren’t they? Well, at this point, probably the only people who know for sure are Miley and Liam themselves, but if we had to guess… no. No, Miley taking off her ring for one day doesn’t mean that the engagement is off.