In case you didn't know, Miley Cyrus has come down with a case of laryngitis, with the news becoming common knowledge after she was spotted leaving a Beverly Hills medical centre on Wednesday (June 19) holding her medical papers. What we didn't know about however was the brief encounter she had with a paparazzo as she left her medical appointment, and believe us, it's funny.

As she is walking to her car Miley is asked by one of the awaiting photographers whether she's pregnant, to which Miley quickly replies; "No I'm sick you f*cking b*tch."

Hardly the wittiest or most inventive comeback, but a great and effective one nonetheless. Really, it's all about Miley's delivery; coming immediately after she's asked whether she is pregnant. Clearly Miley is in no mood for the paps as she barges past them and climbs into her awaiting car, speeding off straight away. Just when we thought Miley was becoming a little unbearable, she manages to save it, so well done there.

Other than taunting paps, Cyrus also has some new material out, with her new, 'grown-up' single 'We Can't Stop' being released earlier this month in anticipation for her next album. The track has garnered some controversy for it's risk-ay lyrics, that regularly include references to taking drugs and spending the night getting up to all kinds of sordid behaviour, and has also isolated some fans who were more accustomed to her twee, Hannah Montana image. She's probably getting sick of saying it, but at her current rate she won't have to bother reminding people that she isn't Hannah Montana anymore for much longer.

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