Miley Cyrus’s “wild child” exploits are hardly news at this point – after the VMAs, even a half nude photoshoot doesn’t come as too much of a shock. Add to that the fact that, while the ensemble she sports in a photo shoot for this month’s issue of Notion, while skin tight, is nowhere near as revealing as her VMA getup.

Miley Cyrus, VMAs
Miley is shedding her old image one teddy-bear bodysuit at a time.

More importantly, Cyrus opened up to the mag about her new direction and her work ethic. And with her recent PR explosion, we have to hand it to Ms Cyrus – she does have a killer PR team. In the interview, which was done earlier in August, she explains: "People have this misconception of me that I'm just one of these kids on TV and that now I go off and party and I'm just this ratchet white girl, and I'm not. I work really really hard, I'm just in a different environment."

Miley Cyrus, VMA Red Carpet
The singer defends her work ethic in this month's issue of Notion.

So Cyrus, who has recently been criticised on her raunchy performance by 80s wild child Cindy Lauper, is clearly carving out a new path and a new image for herself. On the topic of rebranding, she said to the magazine that she would like a completely fresh start: "I want to explain it to people and I want to work hard as if I were a new artist."

Miley Cyrus, VMA
Criticism is coming from all sides, but the starlet continues "just being Miley."

That’s understandable, considering that the former childstar did almost admit to having a few regrets about being pushed into the limelight too soon. When asked about her advice to young actors, Cyrus had this to say: "'Don't do it' because you need to enjoy being a kid. People don't realize but with so many responsibilities you hold an entire company on your back and you're a kid so you're supposed to f--k up."

Miley Cyrus, Teen Choice Awards
She even offered up some sage advice for young performers.

It looks like Miley herself has managed to turn over a new leaf and, to her credit, she’s remained blissfully trainwreck free. Her VMA performance might have been divisive (to say the least,) but it was, none the less, a carefully considered PR move. And with her new album, Bangerz, coming out on October 4, the hype around Miley Cyrus’s name has never been bigger. It looks like the young woman might actually know what she’s doing.

Miley Cyrus, Teen Choice Awards
So, what's next for the young star?