Miley Cyrus was wearing her usual provocative, hardly anything left to the imagination look with her when she appeared on the German TV show Schlag Den Raab, but with this being Miley Cyrus there had to be that little bit extra going on to make it that little bit more outlandish. Enter, a troupe of twerking dwarves, who starred as her backing dancers and back-up band on the German show. It's just Miley being Miley.

Miley Cyrus
On the plus side, Miley seems to have ditched this hair-do

The foam finger and the body-morphing latex has gone, which is great, also there's no Beetlejuice-ed Robin Thicke or gang of terrifying, dancing bears either which was a bonus. What there was, was a parade of little people there to amuse the audience at their own expense, because, you know it is still the 19th century and people are into laughing at dwarves.

The Sunday (8 September) show saw Miley perform her previous single 'We Can't Stop' and although the whole thing was more subdued than her VMA performance last month, it was still pretty awkward and probably not what Miley was going for. As reported by the New York Daily News, she was joined on stage my a group of dwarves, who filled in for her usual crew as they sang back up and played as part of her backing band. There was, of course, some twerking to behold too, with Cyrus encouraging that cringe-fest when she started spanking one dancer's behind. She posted a picture of herself with her new friends on Twitter, dressed in her on-stage attire: knee high socks, short-as-hell hot pants, a top that was only slightly more than a bra and a jacket to go over it.

Miley Cyrus hairSometimes you want to be seen, sometimes you don't - Miley Cyrus

As she continues her spiral into the unknown, Miley has received plenty of criticism and hasn't gone unharmed in her pursuit to twerk all over the world. Recently, she was dropped by Vogue for their December cover as editor Anna Wintour found her whole VMA performance as too much to endorse. However, they do say no publicity is bad publicity, and judging by the success of her previous single, the recent twerk/latex obsession is working where it matters the most: the bank. Should her latest single, 'Wrecking Ball,' and subsequent album, Bangerz, prove to be a successful then it will be mission accomplished for her PR team.

The video for 'Wrecking Ball' was released after her performance on German TV, hitting Vevo on Monday, 9 September. As you might expect, the video contains a wrecking ball, Miley, and as the vid goes on, fewer and fewer clothes (not that she was wearing much to begin with). She also licks a sledgehammer, but on the plus side her hair looks much nicer than it did at the VMAs. At the time of writing this, the video has already notched up just shy of 10 million views.

Bangerz will be out 8 October.

Have a listen to Miley's 'Wrecking Ball'