The MTV Europe Music Awards will arrive in Amsterdam on Sunday, 10 November, and organisers are looking to continue with the success that the awards show has enjoyed over the past few years with their biggest show to date. With the EMA's enjoying its twentieth year on Sunday, it can be the most successful year in terms of viewer figures and the media attention it can attract, and following her eventful performance at the VMAs earlier this year, Miley Cyrus is going to be on hand to make sure the show is extra special.

Miley Cyrus
Miley will bring her usual dose of outrage on stage with her

Miley's performance is being earmarked as the centrepiece of the evening's offerings and Miley has been in the Dutch capital since Thursday (7 Nov.) to promote the Sunday show and get into the zone for her performance. As you may expect, Miley is a big fan of Amsterdam, and recently revealed that she aims to channel some of the city's energy and more psychedelic elements into her performance. Speaking with MTV News, the singer reveal that her performance will be even more outrageous than her VMA show, promising an event that is out of this world.

"I've had this vision for a while; I've wanted to somehow involve something around aliens — because I really love aliens. Obviously, I really loved Teddy Bears so I built a whole show around Teddy Bears," Miley told MTV News. "And I also like aliens, so I built the show around aliens. And when I knew that RedFoo was going to be there, I just felt he was the perfect person to get involved in what I'm all about, which is just having fun on the show, and not doing anything too serious."

Ron Burgundy will anchor the EMAs

When she performs 'Wrecking Ball' on Sunday night, it will not only give Miley another chance to further demonstrate her post-Hannah Montana persona, but will also serve as a platform to reflect on how far she has come since she last appeared on the EMA stage. When she performed at the 2010 EMAs, her career was in a very different place to where it is now, and on Sunday she will take a moment out to reflect on where she is now.

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"Amsterdam is such an amazing place to be in, and I'm obviously so happy to be here, and so excited to be at the EMAs. The last time I was here I was doing 'Who Owns My Heart?' So now to be here, and be on my record, and my record's doing so well ... it's amazing. I didn't know how it was going to be once I was in somewhere that I'm not from, and how people were going to relate to the record, and it's been amazing," she said, before going on to discuss her performance a little bit.

"God, I don't know [what people will think]. If I only knew," the singer laughed. She continued, admitting that she has taken some precautions to make sure she doesn't come across as being offensive again, saying, "But I can't think of any kind of prop that I would use in disrespect and offend. So I think I'm good about that. No Foam Finger Association is going to call me. I made custom [alien costumes for her performance], I made my own. No one owns aliens."

Miley Cyrus
Miley has been spending plenty of time in the many coffee shops of Amsterdam since she arrived this week