Putting on a brave face or is there really nothing to report? With rumors circulating that Miley Cyrus and her fiancée Liam Hemsworth have split, it would appear to be a rocky time for the pop star. However if she is feeling the strain then she’s hiding it well, as E! Online reported.

Flying in the face of any suggestions of personal turmoil, Cyrus was spotted hanging out with some friends on Friday (March 15, 2013) and relaxing poolside at a Palm Desert in California. In an outfit sure to get the pulse racing, Cyrus wore a tiny floral bikini and over-sized sunglasses, chatting away nonchalantly on her cell phone, and enjoying the sun, before taking a dip in the water. She certainly looked far from distressed.

The rumors about Cyrus and Hemsworth stem from some fans noticing that the star has been spotted without her engagement ring on, though this is something that’s been explained away by Cyrus, saying that it’s currently at the jewelers getting a fix. As for Hemsworth, he’s currently out of America doing promotional work, working for the Bench clothing label in the Philippines where he met and greeted some fans. He’s also enjoyed a recent holiday with his brother Chris, leaving fans desperate to know when he’s going to meet up with his partner again and how it’s going to go.

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus has been spotted without her engagement ring on recently