The stars were out in force for the Paranoia premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday evening (August 8, 2013) and when we say stars we mean Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth - the star of the movie.

Gary Oldman Liam Hemsworth Harrison FordGary Oldman [L]. Liam Hemsworth [C] and Harrison Ford [R]

Publicists behind the movie were probably doing handstands after learning of Miley's intended appearance, given the speculation over the couple's relationship.

The 20-year-old is preparing to head out on the promotional trail for new album Bangerz and had a recent hit with 'We Can't Stop.' Giving Paranoia the extra publicity that it probably needs, the pop star wore a red and black leather designer Proenza Schouler dress, while Liam opted for a pretty standard looking shiny suit.

It's probably unfair for us to suggest Miley and Liam were the only stars to turn up at the premiere - in fact, it's a blatant lie. Hemsworth's co-star Harrison Ford showed up with his wife Calista Flockhart and Richard Dreyfuss hit the red carpet too.

Harrison Ford Gary OldmanHarrison Ford [L] and Gary Oldman [R] In 'Paranoia'

Based on the 2004 novel of the same time, Paranoia sees Hemsworth playing technology whizz Adam Cassidy who attempts to balance caring for his ailing father while working a low-paid job at a technology conglomerate. His fortunes begin to turn when his boss Nicholas Wyatt (Gary Oldman) offers him the chance to get rich quick.

Cassidy quickly learns that the job involves infiltrating the firm's biggest rival business (led by his old mentor Jock Goddard) in a dangerous act of espionage. Despite completing the job, Adam's resignation is refused - he now knows too much.

Miley Cyrus Liam HemsworthMiley Cyrus [L] and Liam Hemsworth [R] At The Paranoia Premiere

Boasting a screenplay from Jason Deal Hall (Spread) and Barry Levy (Vantage Point) and direction from Killers' Joseph Finder, Paranoia hits theaters in the US on August 16, 2013. Though Hemsworth is the guy in all the publicity snaps, the flick is probably worth seeing for Ford and Oldman's tussles.

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