Miley Cyrus might be taking a stab at musical theatre, though it’s more likely that her leaked recording of the Les Mis song On My Own was just a private performance. Judging by the acoustics, Miley is definitely singing indoors and there’s no backing track or any production whatsoever. It certainly sounds like an impromptu performance and not the over-produced, high-quality format of, say, We Can’t Stop.

You can hear Miley's improvised performance below.

That said, Miley is certainly giving it a lot of heart, as the cliché goes. She’s no Marianne Mille or anything, but Miley does a solid job with the song. Youtube users also seem to be enjoying the performance, with the top comment saying: “Her voice is amazing, if she could stick to music like this instead off the trash she sings now like "we can't stop", then I would buy her music.”

Miley Cyrus, London
Who would've thought that Cyrus and music theatre could mix so well?

Miley’s recent adoption of a edgier, more grown up (according to her management) style and musical sound has definitely alienated some fans, but it looks like the singer hasn’t lost her softer side just yet. And while the leaked recording might not help her much in terms of record sales, at least she has the option of turning to the stage at some point in her career. Wouldn’t that be a memorable plot twist?

Miley Cyrus, London
Even after growing up on camera, she's still full of surprises.