Miss Cyrus should be riding high today, what with her new video for “We Can’t Stop” practically taking over the internet, but it looks like the singer has been taken down – by a case of laryngitis. TMZ reports that Cyrus was seen exiting a medical center in Beverly Hills yesterday, holding what was apparently a medical report, proving the condition. And there were pictures to prove it too.

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This would be really bad timing for the singer to come down with something affecting her throat, what with a number of gigs coming her way, but hey, at least it’s not getting in the way of recording anymore. So we still have at least a couple more singles to look forward to in the coming weeks. And, in any case, laryngitis is just a mild inflammation, which usually goes a way after a few days of rest, plenty of water and, of course, silence. Looks like she’ll be forced to stop for a while. It’s probably ironic, given the lyrics of her latest single, but honestly, who won’t miss Miley on her feet and constantly making headlines with her every move? All that’s left to say is, get well, Miley. In the meantime, we (and any radiostation in the English-speaking world) will just keep replaying that song.

Miley Cyrus, Myspace Event
It'll take more than laringitis to take Cyrus down.

Miley Cyrus, Billboard Music Awards
'Cause she can't stop, get it?