The reactions to Miley Cyrus’s We Can’t Stop video, released last week, were split, to say the least. While some are loving Miley’s new party girl persona, complete with punk-ish makeover, others are criticizing the We Can’t Stop video. Featuring elements like finger cutting, giant teddy bears, a french fry skull (and those are just the mildest bits) it’s fair to say that the video raised a few eyebrows. Shock wasn’t the main goal behind it though, says director Diane Martell in an email interview with MTV. In the email, she explains the main idea behind the extravagant video: "We set out to make something we would love and we did!" she told MTV News in an email. "I don't see this video as shocking, it's creative."

Watch the We Can't Stop music video.

According to Martell, the video was far more than just the latest project for Miley. Instead, in was a look into her life – a way to let the fans in on her party girl persona. For this reason, each scene in the video, though seemingly random and meaningless in places, was carefully selected for the task. "We spoke a lot and sent photos back and forth; we spoke about her love of her close friends," Martel wrote. "She is not a career-crazed kid. Her music is intensely important to her but so is her social life; [so] we spoke about the joy of tight friendships. To me, she is showing us, the audience, her playful, beautiful self, very freely. [It's] a music video version of what it must be like to bug out and act crazy with her in real life."

Miley Cyrus, Jimmy Kimmel Live
Miley isn't career obsessed.

Apparently Miley is much more of a perfectionist than we previously thought. Well, with that kind of creative process and what’s clearly a very capable team by her side, we can’t wait to see what the pop star comes up with next.

Miley Cyrus, MySpace event
But she isn't just a party girl either.