The once squeaky clean Miley Cyrus has gradually eroded a sense of that over the past few years, with supposed lap dances and rumours of a keen interest in marijuana gradually showing through the shiny veneer Disney had once hoped to enshroud her in forever. You can hardly complain at the teenager for getting irate after being called an "a**hole" however, especially when she's on vacation.
Cyrus reportedly swore whilst on holiday in Costa Rica with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, so says City TV; in a scene that was recorded, a group of people recognise her and approach the star, one of the group among the enthusiastic fans calling Cyrus an "a**hole." The 19 year-old's response? An angry, "What the f**k? Are you for real?" and then mumbling "We're on vacation. That's not being an a**hole. We're on vacation." To Cyrus' credit, she refused to throw a complete prima donna strop and instead stuck around to sign autographs and pose for photos with other, more adulating, members of the group.
Posting on her Twitter later on though, the incident evidently had rankled with the singer, and she defended outburst, commenting "I can't tolerate that kind of rudeness." Can't argue with that.