Miley Cyrus loves learning about new fashion trends.

According to celebrity stylist Alexis Knox, the 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker likes to keep in the know when it comes to emerging designers and is always looking to broaden her knowledge of the industry.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''When we have worked together it's definitely been a collaboration, she's a true artist who has a vision in mind but respects everyone in her team for their artistry too.

''She loves to learn and find out about new designers and trends coming through.''

While Alexis enjoys working alongside Miley, she confessed she did have some concerns when it came to choosing controversial looks for the 22-year-old singer's Summertime Ball show at London's Wembley Arena last summer.

When asked if she'd ever had any fashion disagreements with Miley, Alexis said: ''I wouldn't say disagreements! We were working together on the Summertime Ball at Wembley and we were creating what we called 'disco t**s' for her dancers.... basically turning their boobs into disco balls! It was a really hot day and I was panicked about if the disco balls would fall off not leaving much to the imagination!''

The blonde beauty also opened up about working alongside Bruno Mars, 29, and admitted she loves the 'Marry You' hitmaker's ''natural sense of style''.

She explained: ''Like any artist I work with they have the final say in what they wear. Not only are they artists but people too who shouldn't be forced into wearing anything. If someone isn't comfortable or confident in an outfit it shows and then the outfit looks bad too! Bruno has a great natural sense of style and likes to take little risks with menswear, pushing it with subtle things like accessories, colour and pattern.''

Alexis is also a huge fan of Kim Kardashian West and is impressed by her selfie-taking technique.

She said: ''I would say Kim Kardashian is the reigning selfie queen! She definitely knows her angles and is always made up and looking her best!''

The London-based fashionista went on to share her own tips for styling the perfect selfie.

She said: ''Know your light. We don't get many sunny days so whenever there's sun we run out and take a selfie, but that's often the worst idea. Don't be in direct sunlight or shade, a really nice even lighting is always the most flattering. Know your angles.''

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