Miley Cyrus turned 21 yesterday (23 Nov.) and with this being Miley Cyrus, you can bet that she had big plans for celebrating it and a few surprises were lined up for her. One surprise she did receive, on the day before her birthday, wasn't for her 21st at all and has apparently left her "really shaken up," after an intruder broke into her her house and made off with some "personal items."

Miley Cyrus in London
Miley hasn't home when she was robbed

The LAPD North Hollywood Community Police Station confirmed with Us Weekly on the day of the incident that Cyrus had been robbed, revealing that the incident took place some time in the afternoon whilst the house was empty. A source close to Miley told Us, "She's extremely upset and a lot of personal items were stolen. She's really shaken up about the whole thing."

A police investigation is currently ongoing and officers say it is still unclear how the intruder was able to break into Miley's unoccupied home despite the stringent security precautions placed around her home. The LAPD confirmed that they will continue with their investigation for the time being, but there has been no word yet on whether they are any closer to finding the culprit. According to TMZ, the intruder (or intruders) made off with some jewellery, but didn't mention whether anything else had gone missing.

Despite the unsettling incident, Miley didn't seem to let it ruin her birthday, and she tweeted a picture of her four dogs with the caption "All I could want on my birthday" on the big day. She hasn't tweeted since then, which suggests that she might still be recovering from one heck of a 21st birthday party.

Miley Cyrus
Happy birthday Miley!