The colourful, weed-loving pop star will host the prizegiving in Los Angeles, and she thought it would be fun to get her cool gran and her rapper pal involved in the festivities.

The Wrecking Ball singer says, "I gave her (grandma) a revised script, because there may or may not be some marijuana references... My grandma has on an apron that says 'Mary Jane' and she asked me who Mary Jane was... and then Snoop comes in and she had a good idea of who Mary Jane was.

"She loved him. We called her to ask her to do this... and was like, 'There's a rapper; his name is Snoop Dogg', and she goes, 'Well I know who Snoop Dogg is!' The whole way home (after the shoot), she told my mom, 'He's just so tall...' so now my grandma might be in love with Snoop Dogg.

"My grandma is fresh... She's always in jumpsuits, like terrycloth jumpsuits. I think, for a grandma, it's pretty cool. Snoop wears them. They actually have very similar styles."