Miley Cyrus has been forced to take out a restraining order on an overly ardent fan.

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus performing in Manchester, UK earlier in May.

A 24-year-old man from Arizona, Devon Meek, believed Cyrus was using her music in order to communicate with him directly. Meek continually attempted to meet Cyrus who was granted a temporary restraining order against him on Friday (23rd May). 

Meek was arrested in Arizona on 16th May after he was discovered outside a property he believed Cyrus owned, as the AP reports. At the time he was arrested, Meek allegedly told officers to shoot him in the head if he was unable to meet Cyrus. The 24-year-old was subsequently taken to a psychiatric facility where he remains.

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However, the restraining order concerns where Meek is released as the detective who arrested him claimed the 24-year-old would continue to see Cyrus. Another hearing is scheduled for June 16th which may see the restraining order made permanent, for at least three years. The detective in question said, in a sworn statement, Meek "will not stop seeking Ms. Cyrus" until she "accepts him or he dies."

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus denies she told Jennifer Lawrence to 'get it together'.

Cyrus was recently forced to cancel a number of her tour dates in the US as she was suffering from an allergic reaction. However, she has been back on the road and has appeared in the UK and Ireland. She is currently in France on her Bangerz tour and will be continuing the European leg of the tour. 

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Cyrus has also been in the news recently, perhaps more than usual, owing to her alleged comments about Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence apparently attended Madonna's Oscars after party and began feeling a little unwell so took herself out to the porch to throw up! Apparently Miley Cyrus was stood behind her the whole time and was "like get it together," as Lawrence told Seth Meyers on NBC's Late Night. Cyrus has denied the event ever took place and took to Twitter to comment, albeit indirectly, on Lawrence's comments. She wrote "that never happened," which numerous media sources have taken as a denial of Lawrence's comments.