Miley Cyrus is taking her friends abroad to celebrate her 18th birthday.

The 'Hannah Montana' star plans to whisk 10 of her closest pals away on an exotic beach holiday when she reaches the landmark age on November 23.

Discussing her plans for the occasion, she said: "I hope I can just have a frickin' break. Because I haven't had time, even a week to chill. So I'm probably just going to go to the beach or something. I'll take about 10 of my friends with me and hang out with the people I never really get to see. A lot of my friends, they work, and I'm in the business too so I'll make sure we carve out some time so we can relax.

"You've got to get out of California generally, you've got to go to a different country. I like to travel, so I don't really vacation in the states. I'm there all the time, I live in California. So I don't want California to be my vacation."

Miley first shot to fame when she started work on the Disney TV show 'Hannah Montana' aged 11.

Since then she has also forged a pop career and appeared in several movies.

Despite her fame, the teenage starlet believes the best part of her job is getting to see the world.

She explained: "I just get to travel so much. Not many people my age get to travel all around the world and there some people who never get to see as many places as I have at 50. I've got to experience so many different places and I always do try to carve out a little bit of time when I do travel. I don't want to look back and say 'I've been there', when I've never actually been there."