Miley Cyrus has found a new home for her sophomore album away from Disney.

The as-of-yet-untitled album will be released under the RCA Records label later this year, Ace Showbiz reports. Dr Luke, the producer who collaborated with Cyrus on her 2009 track 'Party In The USA' has apparently also been heavily involved in the production of this album and some other big names will be featured on the record include Pharrell Williams and Hit-Boy among others. Producer/rapper Tyler, The Creator will also work on the album, on a track written for Miley by none other than the queen of R&B herself, Mary J Blige.

So overall, it looks like a huge departure from the poppy, electronic sound that we’re used to hearing from Miley. Then again, the star has grown and made quite a few changes between now and 2010, so it’s no wonder that her music is changing too. Looks like Miley is really out to prove that she’s more than just a pop princess and she is hard at work doing just that.

"I've been in so many sessions and just kind of bunkering down and working really hard and perfecting everything." Cyrus disclosed, adding, "I've never really had time to do that, to kind of have my record kind of 'done' and then sit there and make it until it's perfect. So, it's been really, really fun. This whole year that's all I've really dedicated life to."