She may not feature on the track itself, but Miley Cyrus is by all means the star of the video for Big Sean's latest single, 'Fire.' The 'We Can't Stop' singer takes centre stage in the music vid, which shows the singer appearing in a variety of different poses throughout the magazine photo-shoot-esque video.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus stars in the video for 'Fire'

Sean only appears in a few seconds-long snippets as the subject of a burning photograph, whilst Miley ensures that the camera remains almost solely on her, with the altering shots of her being split up between clips of an exploding peach, some roses and some extreme close-ups. The whole thing will probably get you a little flustered, but despite Miley's skimpy outfit choices the video does come off as being a much more artistic venture than you may have initially guessed. The technicolor showcase definitely succeeds in flaunting Miley's best bits and comes off as being both artistic and sexy, a feat which isn't easily attained by any means.

Check out the video for 'Fire'

The video was premiered online on Friday (2 August) and following the unveiling, the rapper took to Twitter to discuss his thought process behind the writing of the song and why he chose to use Miley as the star of the clip. The rapper explained that he chose Cyrus for her "elegant as a rose" appearance, not for her infamous twerking skills, which aren't on display during the video.

"I got Miley Cyrus for this video because she's somebody who's had a personal evolution as a lot of us have had," the rapper wrote, adding that Cyrus "did a great job as a metaphor for strong women."

Big Sean
Big Sean hopes people will understand his artistic decision to use Miley in his video