What do you get someone that's got everything? For most of us, this is the kind of question we ask ourselves when looking for something to get our grandparents, eventually opting for a bottle of whiskey and a bar of soap because you know they'll use them both - hopefully not as the same time. But when it's a celebrity the task is far more difficult. PETA seem to have nailed it though and have given Miley Cyrus a pig for her 20th birthday, reports Entertainment Wise. 

"PETA knew that sponsoring a rescued pig was the perfect birthday present for a young woman who spends so much time encouraging others to help animals," Tracy Reiman executive vice president for PETA said. "From promoting animal adoption to speaking up for cows who suffer on dairy farms, Miley never stops letting her millions of fans know what they can do to make the world a kinder place. 

Although this is PETA gift to Miley, the young star doesn't actually have Nora the pig, instead the young animal is living a happy life at a sanctuary in Florida, along with others of her kind. To spread the good work even further the animal charity set up a special donation page in the name of Miley Cyrus to raise more money for charities Starkey and Saving Spot. Next year we'll adopt an Argentinian goat for our grandparents, charity gifts are definitely the way forward! Oh, and Happy Birthday Miley.