Review of Send In The Boys Single by Milburn

Send In The Boys
Single Review

Milburn Send In The Boys Single

Milburn are a band from Sheffield who sing songs about girls and the city over mod-punk riffs.

Sound familiar?

Yes, just as Reef and Shed 7 followed Oasis, Milburn follow everyone's favourite indie messiahs, The Arctic Monkeys. "Send in the Boys", with its "Fake Tales of San Francisco" riff and cheeky chappy vocals could easily pass for a Monkeys b-side, it is just that uncanny.

To be fair though, the song itself isn't that bad, lyrics are surrealistic where the Arctic Monkeys are literal, and the song ticks all the boxes as a passable indie-disco crowd pleaser, with its steady, driving rhythm and punchy guitars. But to avoid being cast away with the Reefs, Meanswears and Shed 7s of the world in the rock 'n' roll also-ran bargain bin, Milburn are going to have to get off the bandwagon and make fresher sounds.

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