Mila Kunis turned the tables on BBC radio reporter Chris Stark this week, after he came over a little star-struck in front of the Oz: Great And Powerful actress. "Seriously, I'm petrified ... I've never done this before," he told her, giving Kunis the opportunity to move things away from the repetitive press-junket questions.

"What about this is frightening to you, tell me?" she asks, to which Stark replies, "I'm kind of, I'm talking right to you now, there's like, cameras everywhere, there's a lot of people. They're all smiling and that, so it's all fine. It's a bit of an unnatural environment. I'm used to being down my local pub with the boys." Inevitably, Starks' laddish lifestyle became the topic of conversation: there was talk of Jagermeister, "lad bombs," football and Nando's chicken. 

"I should get back to the questions," Stark noted at one point. "Why? This is way more fun for me, I have to tell you. Please!" replied Kunis. The rookie interviewer even plucked up the courage to ask the Hollywood star out, "You could come join us for a drink afterwards? It's a pub called the Misty Moon, but to be honest that's not very good. You could go to Watford, which is like our local town," he told her. Kunis agreed to join him and his friends in the future. 

Oz: Great and Powerful hits cinemas in the U.S and UK on March 8, 2013.

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