Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have joined a neighbourhood watch group.

The couple, who have six-month-old daughter Wyatt, reportedly alert other residents in their exclusive gated community in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles about possible intruders and disturbances in the area by posting information on a private social media page.

A source said: ''It's somewhat of a neighbourhood-watch forum. They all post when they hear helicopters, see police or someone is having a party.''

The duo, who purchased their home for $10 million last year, are keen to maintain peace and quiet in their community, as they think it is a great place to raise their family.

The insider told Us Weekly magazine: ''They love where they live. They always take walks with Wyatt and their dogs.''

Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz also live in the area.

'Jupiter's Ascending' star Mila, 31, recently admitted she definitely wants to have more children, but still tries to make time for regular dates with her fiancé, 37.

She said: ''Somebody gave us that advice when I first got pregnant, to make sure you take the time for yourselves.

''My parents - we're very lucky - live down the street, so we have them do what's called 'monitor sitting'. The baby goes down to sleep and they have to watch the monitor. I would say once a week we go out on a date. It's not just the two of us, but like a double date or something.

''But yeah, [it's] just to reconnect, and we make an effort to not talk about the baby.''