They’ve only been together for a few months now, however Mila Kunis may already be pregnant with Ashton Kutcher’s child!

“She’s not expecting” was the cry of Kunis’ rep once the rumours first started to emerge, following a photo of Mila and Ashton leaving a LA coffee shop that hinted that the actress might be hiding a baby bump. Still, the rumor that the two might have a bun in the oven refuses to go away.

The Daily Mail first hinted at a potential pregnancy, with a number of websites, most recently RumorFix, jumping on the baby bandwagon soon after. Still, the cries will remain the same from the Kunis/Kutcher camp, the cry that she is not pregnant. Kunis admitted this summer that she does want to settle down and have a family some day, but insisted that she wasn’t quite ready for family life just yet. She spoke to Glamour magazine about her baby plans in their August (2012) issue, saying, “this isn’t the right time for me to have one, but I do want a family."

In the same issue she also spoke about coming to terms with the media’s constant surveillance of her weight, and noted that when she was filming 2010’s Black Swan, for which she had to drop down her weight some way, she was plagued by remarks that at first she was too skinny, but then that she had gained a substantial amount of weight and looked worse off for it. Maybe today is just one of those days where the press just notice that extra helping sitting in her stomach.