Former boxer Mike Tyson wants to sit down with Evander Holyfield and apologise properly for biting off a piece of the fighter's ear.
The heavyweight champ was banned from the ring and vilified for chomping down on Holyfield during a 1997 grudge match, and during an interview on U.S. TV show Oprah on Monday (12Oct09), Tyson confessed he never sincerely said sorry to his former opponent for his moment of madness.
He explained, "I apologised to him... but it wasn't sincere... Everybody in my crew was getting on my nerves, so I said, 'OK, I apologise'.
"I just always wanted to have a place to sit down and talk to him and shake his hand and express myself to him. When I see him sometimes, he's a little leery of me... it's not the good energy.
"I just want to apologise. I've known him for such a long time... I was just upset (with what I did)."