Boxer and actor Mike Tyson turned down the chance to hang out with Justin Bieber in the Bahamas - because he refused to leave his family for a party.

The Hangover star reveals he was relaxing at home when a friend called and introduced the pop superstar, who then struck up a conversation with the former champion.

Tyson opened up about his personal problems and Bieber suggested he hop on a plane and join him in paradise in a bid to forget all his troubles.

He recalls, "He said, 'Come out of it, Mike. Go to the airport... I'm sending a plane.' I'm married with two little kids, you think my wife (will be Ok if I say, 'Hey, I'm gonna hang out with... Justin Bieber'?).

"My balling days are over... They still think I'm fly but I'm not, I'm just stuck on the wall... I've got these two beautiful babies and they're driving me nuts... They just run around like crazy."

Tyson recently opened up about his alcoholism battle and is currently 21 days sober after opting to clean up his life.