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Phil Donahue - World premiere of Mike Nichols: American Masters held at the Paley Center for Media - Arrivals at Paley Center for Media, - New York, New York, United States - Monday 11th January 2016

Mike Nichols and Phil Donahue
Mike Nichols, Mark Ethan and Annette Insdorf
Mike Nichols, Mark Ethan and Annette Insdorf
Mike Nichols and Phil Donahue
Mike Nichols and James Lapine
Mike Nichols and James Lapine

Natalie Portman Joins Likes Of Meryl Streep & Kevin Spacey In Paying Tribute To Mike Nichols

Natalie Portman Mike Nichols Meryl Streep Tom Hanks Ron Howard Steve Carell Al Pacino Kerry Washington Kevin Spacey

Natalie Portman has paid tribute to the late director Mike Nichols.

Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman at the Childrens' Hospital Gala in Los Angeles in October 2014.

Read More: The Life and Career of Late Director Mike Nichols.

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The Life And Career Of Late Director Mike Nichols

Mike Nichols Jack Nicholson Meryl Streep Philip Seymour Hoffman

Today Hollywood mourns the death of Mike Nichols, the mind behind films like The Graduate, Closer and Working Girl. Having started out his career as a comedian and later moving on to comedy, standup, directing, drama and a whole list of other film credits, Nichols could truly be called a Renaissance man of modern cinema.

Mike Nichols
Throughout his career, Nichols played with genres and characters to explore the broad range of the human condition.

He was one of the few multi-talented artists to enter the EGOT club, as Tracy Jordan would call it and win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and a Tony for his work.  Nichols frequently went from the comic to the tragic and right back again in his quest to explore all aspects of the human condition.

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Mike Nichols, Iconic Director Of 'The Graduate', Dies Aged 83

Mike Nichols Diane Sawyer

Mike Nichols, the legendary American director probably best known for helming hit movie The Graduate, has died aged 83. Nichols had been married to the actress Diane Sawyer for 26 couples, forming one of the true "power couples" of Hollywood.

Mike Nichols Dianne SawyerMike Nichols [L] and Diane Sawyer [R] were one of Hollywood's true power couples

After ABC announced the news, chief James Golston said: "In a triumphant career that spanned over six decades, Mike created some of the most iconic works of American film, television and theater-an astonishing canon ranging from The Graduate, Working Girl, and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf to Closer, Charlie Wilson's War, Annie, Spamalot, The Birdcage, and Angels in America.

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Mike Nichols and Diane Sawyer - Opening night of It's Only A Play at the Schoenfeld Theatre - Arrivals. at Schoenfeld Theatre, - New York, United States - Thursday 9th October 2014

Mike Nichols and Diane Sawyer

Mike Nichols and Jenny Nichols - Opening night of Indian Ink at the Laura Pels Theatre - Arrivals. at Laura Pels Theatre, - New York, United States - Tuesday 30th September 2014

Mike Nichols and Jenny Nichols
Mike Nichols

Mike Nichols - Opening Night of 'Lucky Guy' at the Broadhurst Theatre -Arrivals - New York City, United States - Monday 1st April 2013

Mike Nichols

Video - Anna Wintour And Michael Kors Among Guests At Oscar De La Renta's Funeral - Part 1

Designers and journalists alike were seen arriving at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola in Manhattan ahead of the funeral service of Oscar de la Renta, where they proceeded to pay their respects to one of the greatest designers of the fashion world.

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Video - 50th Anniversary Gala In Honour Of Al Pacino Arrivals

Amongst the arrivals at the 50th Anniversary Gala in honour of Al Pacino at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park, Manhattan were the voice of Jessica Rabbit in 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' Kathleen Turner, Julianna Margulies from 'ER' with her attorney husband Keith Lieberthal, legendary comic and actor Steve Martin, Academy Award winning director Mike Nichols followed by his wife news anchor Diane Sawyer, Bill Clinton's daughter Chelsea, actor Christopher Walken ('Sleepy Hollow', 'Pulp Fiction'), Ethan Hawke from 'The Dead Poets Society', '10 Things I Hate About You' star Julia Stiles, 'Sex and the City''s Cynthia Nixon and her fiancée Christine Marinoni and, finally, mobster actor Al Pacino himself makes an appearance.

The event was in celebration of fifty years of Shakespeare in the Park honouring Al Pacino's performance in 'The Merchant of Venice' at the Delacorte Theater. The pricey tickets ranged from a massive $1,500 to $100,000

Mike Nichols Thursday 15th March 2012 Broadway opening night of 'Death Of A Salesman' at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre - Departures.

What Planet Are You From? Review

It's always a shame to see great comedic minds fall so far from the mark. Garry Shandling is a funny man. Just check out any episode of The Larry Sanders Show. He has a wonderfully dry wit and is downright hilarious without drawing overt attention to himself. I just want to know what the hell happened to What Planet are You From?

Simple story line: Alien must come to Earth and impregnate female human being to establish future dominance of his planet's race. Comedic premise: Alien must learn how to communicate to female human beings. Comedy rolls on: Alien encounters and makes ass of himself to female human beings. Comedy continues: Alien tracked by rogue FAA agent. Comedy continues even more: Alien meets female human and falls in love. Cue drama. That's about it.

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Regarding Henry Review

Regarding Henry is a sappy three-hankie weeper masquerading as an updated and hip story about a yuppie struggling to find his inner child. That's not much of a choice for any movie to offer. Released in 1991 as a heartwarming, Hollywood tearjerker, writer Jeffrey Abrams and director Mike Nichols seem to have consciously removed the basic passions from that classic genre by recycling a load of sentimental plots, piling on the mushy scenes, and handing out a conventional TV-movie-of-the-week.

Henry (Harrison Ford) is a typical bad father and no-good husband. An overworked, big-shot lawyer idolized by his co-workers (he's the money guy), he's hated by his wife (Annette Bening) and teenage daughter (Mikki Allen). Why? Well, as far as I can tell, when his daughter spills orange juice he's real strict in punishing her, he never holds his wife's hand in public, and he won't buy his daughter a puppy. The movie doesn't much show or explain this side of Henry's personality, so I guess it's a given that he's an all-around, self-obsessed, insensitive jerk. As these plots go, Henry needs to get his priorities straight; he's due for a knockdown, a comeuppance.

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The Birdcage Review

It's a rare event when a remake of a film rivals the greatness of the original. The Birdcage, based fairly closely on La Cage aux Folles, achieves just that, memorably updating the earlier film's script with modern humor and a distinctly American setting.

The story has been done a thousand times, but La Cage aux Folles was one of the originals. Armand Goldman (Robin Williams) is an openly gay drag club owner in South Beach, Florida. Albert (Nathan Lane, best known as the voice of the weasel in The Lion King), aka Starina, is Armand's feature performer...and his "wife." When Armand's son-via-one-night-stand Val (Dan Futterman) announces his impending marriage to Barbara (Calista Flockhart, a dead ringer for Audrey Hepburn), Armand freaks. When Barbara's arch-conservative parents (Gene Hackman and Dianne Wiest) drop by for a visit, it gets even worse.

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Wit Review

Well, it's easy to see why this was a straight-to-cable production and not a theatrical one. The entire running time of the movie is concerned with one character's battle with severe ovarian cancer and the experimental treatment she is given. In fact, Emma Thompson is hairless after about 20 minutes. When she's not endlessly bemoaning the irony of the treatment -- the drugs are killing her, not the cancer -- she's reciting poetry (the character is an English professor). Morbidly depressing and hopeless, which is pretty much Mike Nichols has been obsessed with lately, the movie is staggeringly real but hardly what anyone would call "entertainment." Harrowing.

Heartburn Review

The backstory of Heartburn is infinitely more interesting than its reality: Jack Nicholson took the role after shooting had begun, after Mandy Patinkin was fired for not being funny enough.

Strange then: Nicholson isn't funny at all, and only the quirky charms of Meryl Streep make Heartburn remotely palatable. Heartburn is Nora Ephron's first comedy, based on her novel of the same name -- a thinly veiled expose about her life with journalist Carl Bernstein. The film casts Streep as a New York food writer and Nicholson as a Washington columnist. They meet, fall in love, decide to marry, have kids. Unfortunately, Nicholson can't keep it in his pants -- and all manner of trouble ensues.

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Mike Nichols

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