It’s a completely made-up fact that Miguel once trialed to appear in the WWE, but you could’ve sworn it was true after the star executed an impressive flying leg drop during the weekend’s Billboard Music Awards that, err, managed to land square on one of his audience.

In footage which is surely going to be replayed for the rest of the week, if not month, the pop singer was putting in an energetic turn on stage to his hit ‘Adorn’ when he made the jump. It’s unclear whether he was trying to make the curved runway that separated the golden circle from the rest of the crowd, or whether he was just going for a crowd surf and approached it a little too aggressively. Either way he managed to completely take out one of his female fans, knocking her against the runway and causing her to have to be taken away and checked upon.

In fairness to the Mig-ster, he expressed remorse on his Twitter after the event, writing “got caught up in the moment, thank goodness Khyati is okay.” Sky News meanwhile writes that she was spotted back stage at the Billboard Awards with Miguel, ice pack in hand. The crazy thing is, though, if you watch the footage, is that Miguel just carries on…


Miguel on the [left] shortly before dropkicking a fan, and [right] at the Maxim music event