Review of Keeping You In Mind Single by Mighty Six Ninety

Mighty Six Ninety
Keeping You In Mind
Single Review

Mighty Six Ninety Keeping You In Mind Single

Named after a San Diego radio station, Mighty Six Ninety have actually out-sold the likes of Arctic Monkeys and We Are Scientists at independent retailers in Japan. Closer to home, they've toured with Milburn and Dead Disco, and are now following up the success of first single "Believable".

Those with an ear for the New Romanticism of the eighties could well find this quintet to their liking. While their press release likens them to The Smiths and Talk Talk, the combination of synths and rhythm section of "Keeping You In Mind" nod to the likes of Duran Duran. The vocals of Rich Gardner also suit the genre, his smooth deep tones landing somewhere between Tony Hadley and Morrissey. With a catchy tune the band prove to be likeable, if unspectacular, and B side "With Me" shows it to be no fluke.

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