Review of Young Bride Single by Midlake

Young Bride
Single Review
(Bella Union)

Midlake Young Bride Single

With Mercury Rev having seemingly retreated into a self-imposed hiatus and the end in sight for the soon-to-be-lamented Grandaddy, the gap for quirksome, melodic young country-bordering psychedelic Americans has erupted into an almighty chasm.

Thankfully, Texan quintet Midlake look set to stop it from elapsing into a full-scale void with this, the first single to be taken from their forthcoming second album 'The Trials Of Van Occupanther'. Coming on like a less synthetic Flaming Lips, 'Young Bride' cascades along on a wave of carefully laid-down percussion and orchestrally bare keyboards, not least defined by Tim Smith's breathsome vocal that adds both a sense of character and winsome air.

The perfect accompaniment to this year's (predicted) long hot summer, Midlake offer a widescreen view of middle America that belies their deep south roots. Ones to watch out for then, even if your pa tells you its wrong.

Dom Gourlay

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