The Rolling Stones are considering performing 'Sticky Fingers' in full on tour.

The iconic rockers will head out on a 15-date North American tour in May and are thinking about treating fans to the entirety of the celebrated 1971 album, which features tracks including 'Brown Sugar' and 'Wild Horses', at the shows.

Speaking about the prospect, frontman Sir Mick Jagger said: ''We're floating the idea of playing the whole album.

''At the very least, we'll play the songs we don't normally play.''

Popular singles from the record - which will be reissued in Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions in May - are regular set highlights for the group, although the band haven't played 'You Gotta Move' live since 1976, while 'Sister Morphine', 'I Got The Blues' and 'Moonlight Mile' have not been performed since the 1990s.

However, the 71-year-old musician is unsure whether it is a good idea as he doesn't want the stadiums filled with fans to get bored by their slower songs.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: ''It's a really great album, but it has a lot of slow songs. Normally in a show we'd just do one or two ballads. 'Sticky Fingers' has about five slow songs. I'm just worried that it might be problematic in stadiums. Maybe we'd play it and everyone would say, 'Great,' but maybe they'll get restless and start going to get drinks.''

The group - which also features Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts - will kick off their 'ZIP CODE Tour' in San Diego before ending in Quebec in July.