Sir Mick Jagger wants to tour with the Rolling Stones again next year.

The 70-year-old singer says the group's gigs at Glastonbury in June and London's Hyde Park in July were ''perfect'' and a ''great ending'' to their tour of Europe and North America, marking the band's 50th anniversary, and he was so ''blown away'' by the performances he wants to hit the road again.

He told the London Evening Standard newspaper: ''This summer was really good for us. I feel really happy and I had a really fantastic time in the last year. It was a great ending at Glastonbury and Hyde Park. We were blown away. I'd love to do it again.''

Mick's bandmate Keith Richards - who completes the group alongside Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts - recently said the 'Brown Sugar' hitmakers were keen to do a 60th anniversary tour as well.

He said: ''I've been hooked on everything once or twice in my life. The one thing I can't kick is playing with the Rolling Stones.

''All these zeros that keep zooming by ... 30, 40, 50 years. I don't really see any reason why there shouldn't be a 60th. Either that or we croak [die] on the job.''