Sir Mick Jagger was horrified by an elderly lady who showed him naked photos.

The Rolling Stones singer has enjoyed many memorable run-ins with fans over the course of his career as a rock star, with some of the craziest happening while the band were on tour in the US.

Describing an incident in New York in his biography, 'Mick Jagger', Philip Norman wrote: ''He was stopped on the street by a grey haired, grandmotherly woman who said she had a photograph she wanted to show him. It proved to be of herself, lying on a bed, naked, with legs spread wide. When Mick showed distaste , the vintage vamp grabbed his hair and pulled him to the ground. Two or three of the NYPD minders had to work quite hard to disentangle them.''

Another incident in Texas saw the singer, now 69, come close to being covered in butter before the band's tour manager, Ron Schneider, interfered.

Philip continued: ''Before the Dallas show, Ron was approached by a young blonde woman who introduced herself as 'The Butter Queen' and said her handbag contained a pound and a half of butter which she wanted to spread all over Mick's nude body, then lick off. Any other Stone would do equally well, she said, but she was short of time, as she had to collect her young son from school.''