A measly lock of Mick Jagger’s hair has been sold for an incredible £4,000. That would be ridiculous enough, but the news is: it was sold for around 4 times more than his bandmate, Keith Richards’ hair.

According to The Guardian, the Rolling Stone's former girlfriend Chrissie Shrimpton sold the hair to raise money for the Changing Faces charity, which works with people who have suffered facial disfigurements. A set of handwritten lyrics by British singer David Bowie for his song "The Jean Genie" also sold for £18,750 at the auction where a guitar owned by rock group Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page also sold for £26,250 alongside other music, film and entertainment memorabilia. Jagger recently played Glasto with The Stones, which will have no doubt upped the price of his product. "Festivals are great to be at, but not always the easiest things to play," he told the Radio Times before performing. "You've got to really work at that bit, but I think it's going to be a lot of fun. I've been working hard."

The band were responsible for one of the biggest crowds seen at the Pyramid Stage, where they headlined the festival on the Saturday night. They were on top form, giving the swelled audience all the hits they were craving. And all this while Jagger approaches his 70th birthday this month. Ridiculous. 70!

Mick JaggerMick Jagger rocking out the Glasto stage

Keith Richards
Keith Richards' hair isn't worth much