Sir Mick Jagger claims performing at festivals can be ''dangerous''.

The Rolling Stones frontman performed at the Glastonbury Festival with the band for the first time in June this year and he had to remain focused to avoid any embarrassing mishaps on stage performing in front of thousands of fans.

Mick told The Observer newspaper: ''If you ever start thinking about how pretty the sunset is, you get lost.

''You can never start wondering about what you'll watch on TV when you're back in the hotel ... 'Homeland', or whatever.

''You need to pay attention. There are cables to trip over, it can be dark, people throw things. The stage can be dangerous place to be.''

Mick admits he didn't slum it in a tent during the three-day festival even though he was snapped by his partner, L'Wren Scott, outside a luxury yurt which he captioned on Twitter: ''Me and my yurt! (sic).''

Instead, the 70-year-old rocker claims the tent actually belonged to one of his daughters, as he explained: ''I wasn't going to rent my own''.

However, the 'Paint It Black' singer did prepare for the British weather by stocking up on waterproof jackets.

He added: ''I've done a lot of shows in the rain, so I dug out a whole wardrobe of glamorous raincoats!''