Rocker Mick Jagger has opened up about the "uncertainty" of the Rolling Stones' fabled Some Girls U.S. tour, revealing he had to write songs and plan shows with pal Billy Preston because his sidekick Keith Richards was in jail following a drugs bust.
In a new interview, which features on the Dvd release of Some Girls Live From Texas '78, the frontman admits he feared his guitarist wouldn't be a part of the group for the tour.
Jagger says, "We were supposed to be playing a gig in Toronto and Keith was actually in jail... It was also difficult because the Americans are very difficult about visas, so if you have a drug bust your position as a working musician becomes very tricky."
But the troubles led to Jagger penning one of the Stone's most beloved tunes - Miss You.
He adds, "I was just writing songs with Billy (Preston)."