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Destiny's Child Surprise Diehard Fans with Stellar Awards Collaboration

Michelle Williams Kelly Rowland Beyonce Knowles

Destiny's Child. Stellar Awards. Guys. It happened. The former R&B trio didn't tease their reunion or reveal they were planning anything at all, they just made it happen on Saturday night. Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams took the stage together at Las Vegas' Orleans Arena to perform Williams' Say Yes. Beyoncé and Rowland previously collaborated on the studio version of Williams' single, an EDM-inspired reimagining of the Nigerian gospel song When Jesus Says Yes.

Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams won big last night - and she had some supportive friends there to back her.

The song was nominated for three Stellar awards, including Urban/Inspiration Single of the Year, Music Video of the Year and Song of the Year, with Williams picking up an extra nod in the Female Vocalist of the Year category for her gospel album Journey to Freedom.

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'Suite Française' Adapts A Miracle Book

Kristin Scott Thomas Margot Robbie Ruth Wilson Michelle Williams Matthias Schoenaerts Sam Riley

The new period romance starring Michelle Williams and Matthias Shoenaerts is based on a novel that survived World War II against the odds. Irene Nemirovsky was a well-known novelist in pre-war France, and as the Nazis occupied her country she began writing a sequence of five novels about life during wartime. But in July 1942, she was arrested as a Jew and deported to Auschwitz, where she was killed.

Matthias Schoenaerts as Bruno von Falk in 'Suite Française'
Matthias Schoenaerts as Bruno von Falk in 'Suite Française'

At the time of her deportation, she had only completed the first two books in the series, handwritten in notebooks that were collected by her daughters. Thinking they were journals, the women were afraid to read about their mother's wartime experiences, and left them untouched. More than 50 years later, elder daughter Denise looked through them, discovering the two novels written in microscopic handwriting over 140 pages. The two books were titled 'Tempete en Juin' ('Storm in June') and 'Dolce' ('Sweet'), and were published together as 'Suite Française' in 2004 along with notes from Nemirovsky including the outline of the next book 'Captivite' ('Captivity') and the titles of the final two books in the series: 'Batailles' ('Battles') and 'La Paix' ('Peace').

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Suite Francaise Review

Even though it's made in a style that feels familiar, this World War II romantic drama takes a much more complex approach to the period, most notably in the way that it refuses to let anyone become a hero or villain. This is because author Irene Nemirovsky wrote the source novel at the time, not in retrospect, which gives it an unusual kick. And the film also benefits from an extraordinarily textured performance by Michelle Williams.

She plays Lucille, who in 1940 is living in the French country town of Bussy with her mother-in-law Madame Angellier (Kristin Scott Thomas). Since her husband is missing in action at the front, Lucille is feeling trapped in her life with the madame, who cruelly increases her poor-farmer tenants' rent even during these hard times. Then the Germans arrive to occupy the town, and officer Bruno (Matthias Schoenaerts) is billeted in their house. Initially a horrific presence, Bruno turns out to be a soulful young man who misses his family. As he composes music on Lucille's piano, she reaches out to him in friendship, surprised to find a spark of attraction. But things get more complicated when Lucille and the madame begin to help a neighbour (Sam Riley) who crosses the Germans and needs to be hidden from view.

Director Saul Dibb (The Duchess) shoots this in a fairly straightforward costume-drama style, with sun-dappled cinematography and lavish settings. But the film rises above the genre in the characters, who are never allowed to become the usual stereotypes. Both Lucille and Bruno are intelligent young people aware that they're in the wrong place at the wrong time, so it's hardly surprising that they are drawn to each other, and Williams and Schoenaerts spark vivid chemistry that never boils over into forbidden-love melodrama. Each of them is a bundle of contradictions, remaining sympathetic even when they make bad decisions. And Scott Thomas adds further texture as the harsh madame who reveals her own unexpected shadings.

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Suite Francaise Trailer

During the Second World War, France was quickly and violently taken over by the German army. Now, under enemy occupation, the residents find themselves having to house and shelter their victorious enemies. Lucille Angellier (Michelle Williams) is one of these people, having to share her house with Commander Bruno von Falk (Matthias Schoenaerts). Despite being on two different sides of the conflict, the two find a strange attraction to one-another, and a romance begins to blossom. But Madame Angellier (Kristin Scott Thomas), Lucille's mother-in-law, distrusts the German officer, leading to a series of events that will test the strength of love and trust, in a time of war.

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Michelle Williams Opens Up About How Motherhood And Acting Leaves Her “Feeling Pretty Exhausted”

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is a single mother and proud! Since the tragic and unexpected death of Heath Ledger in 2008, the Oscar-nominated actress has been the solo parent to their daughter Matilda - a responsibility she has handled very well, but the lack of sleep can be an issue.

Michelle Williams
Williams has been raising her and Ledger's daughter as a single parent since 2008 

"I feel like I'm so good at raising a kid when I'm not working. I don't forget anything. I've got everything covered," Williams said in the April issue of Elle UK when opening up about raising Matilda on her own.

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Picture - Michelle Williams and Nicolas Ghesquiere... Hollywood California United States, Thursday 5th February 2015

Michelle Williams and Nicolas Ghesquiere - A variety of fashionable stars were photographed as they attended Louis Vuitton "Series 2" The Exhibition which was held in Hollywood, California, United States - Thursday 5th February 2015

Michelle Williams and Nicolas Ghesquiere
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams

Picture - Michelle Williams - Photographs of... Las Vegas Nevada United States, Friday 7th November 2014

Michelle Williams - Photographs of a variety of stars as they arrived at the Soul Train Awards 2014 which were held at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - Friday 7th November 2014

Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams