Actress Michelle Rodriguez has been advised to seek skin care help as she prepares to become a regular on hit US TV show Lost.

Skin doctor VAIL REESE, who doesn't treat the SWAT star, urges tough girl Rodriguez to get her keratosis pilaris (KP) under control before it becomes a talking point among Lost fans.

Rodriguez, who briefly appeared in the show's first season, returns as a regular in the new series, which debuted in America on Wednesday night (21SEP05).

And Dr Reese feels she should seek skincare advice before the pimples that appear on her arms in publicity shots and on camera become a subject of national gossip.

Dr Reese states, "I've studied shots of Michelle Rodriguez and she has a unique case of KP on her well-toned arms: small, pimple-like bumps in the place of hair follicles.

"KP is a genetic tendency to tiny, scaly spots on the arms and legs. Unlike facial blemishes, which are worsened by oiliness, KP flares when the skin is dry.

"Scrubbing and exfoliation just make the bumps burn as bright red as the tropical island sun. Only hydration can smooth the skin. Avoidance of soap and scrubs are the key to clearance, along with prescription moisturisers containing lactic acid and urea, gently applied to the wet skin."