When Michelle Obama’s husband, Barack Obama was voted in for a second term in office as President of the USA, we all, naturally started on some deep and philosophical thinking. About the state of America, about the economy and about women’s rights. And of course, the important stuff: we wondered what kind of perks you get, being the First Lady of the USA. Well, today our questions have been answered. It would seem that the First Lady of the USA gets exactly what she asks for and what she has asked for recently, is a sneak peek at the latest series of Downton Abbey.

That’s right folks, amidst all this election campaigning nonsense, Michelle found the time (or at least, one of her staff did) to contact ITV, over in the UK and ask for advance copies of the series to sit and watch, whilst she’s curled up in the White House with her slippers on. The new episodes are scheduled to air in the USA at the start of January but Michelle decided she simply couldn’t wait that long.

A source from the ITV show told The Sun “We know it’s very popular in America as it’s so quintessentially British. We’d heard the Obamas liked to watch it but we were very surprised when someone from the First Lady’s office got in touch asking for the series. They were very polite and we were more than happy to sort out some DVDs for them to send over. Obviously we hope they keep the spoilers to themselves as our US fans may not know about... well, you know what!” Here’s hoping Mrs Obama knows how to keep a secret!

Here's a glimpse of what the First Lady's getting excited about: