Proving, as we didn’t already know it, that the Obamas are the ones with all the character, Michelle Obama filmed a funny skit for Jimmy Kimmel Live, reminding the US voting public that they need to get out of bed on voting day and get their vote registered.

In the sketch, she wakes a sleeping Jimmy, with the aid of a megaphone, making sure he gets up at down to the voting station. “Get up! Get your shoes on!” she shouts, whilst blasting a horn in his face. “Go and vote!” she screams as he goes out the door, and then says “I need some carrots!” as he leaves.

The presidential election takes place on November 6, 2012 and Michelle was in Los Angeles supporting her husband’s 48 hour campaign marathon extravaganza. She spoke to Jimmy about her and Barack Obama’s kids, 14 year-old Malia and 11 year-old Sasha. Halloween’s coming up and whilst Malia’s getting a bit old for a full-on costume, Sasha will apparently be going the whole hog and going trick or treating.

Michelle might be happy to support her husband in his campaign to be re-elected as President of the United States of America but being the nation’s First Lady comes at a price. Michelle explained that if she could have the anonymity of being a regular citizen, just for one day, she would “walk out of the door of the White House like a regular person...go to CVS, go in there, go shop. I'd buy my toiletries. I'd pay money, I'd get a receipt. And then I'd go sit on a park bench and just watch people.” Sounds more relaxing than shouting at chat show hosts through a megaphone, that’s for sure.