Is that Michelle Obama dress a lucky charm? The gorgeous burgundy silk brocade dress that the First Lady wore on election night was not only an inspired choice (elegant, but understated) that looked great next to her eldest daughter Malia, in her rich blue skirt, but it’s a choice that we’ve seen her make before.

It’ll be reassuring to the US public that the First Lady belives in recycling her clothes in times of such austerity. Rather than rushing out buy a new designer dress for election night, Michelle opted for this Michael Kors staple. She’s previously been pictured in the dress in 2010, at a ceremony held to honor the Army Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta, when she teamed it up with a cropped black cardigan (as she did on election night) and an elegant pin designed by Alexis Bittar. Prior to that, MSN Living report, she was snapped in the same dress back in 2009, when she descended the steps of the White House with her husband.

Fans of Michelle Obama will be relieved that her husband Barack Obama just secured another four years in office. Otherwise, who would they turn to for style leadership? Ann Romney? Somehow, we think not. Her garish outfit choices are something to be gawped at, not echoed with our own fashion purchases.