Michelle Kwan will be heading back to the Winter Olympics, this time showing up at the wintery affair as a television analyst for Fox Sport, rather than an actual participant. The much decorated, now retired figure skater has signed a contract with the TV company that is due to begin this month, meaning she will be given presenting and punditry responsibilities before the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, which will be held in the Russia city of Sochi. This may even mean that she will be part of the team covering the Super Bowl for Fox.

Michelle KwanKwan will be joined by Picabo Street as the new Fox Sport team-members

"When they asked, they were really encouraging to me to try it out," Kwan said in a statement released on behalf of Fox Sport. "They said, `We are going to be innovative and fun and open to different angles,' which really attracted me. Reporting and story-telling is what they want, so for me it will interesting to kind of let the public know about the stories of athletes, or their perspectives on the Olympics."

Michelle Kwan ESPN
Previously, Kwan worked as a reporter for ABC in their coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver

Kwan, who works for the US State Department as a senior adviser for public diplomacy and public affairs, previously worked as a correspondance for ABC during the 2010 Games in Vancouver and went on to reveal in her statement that she plans on taking a different approach to reporting the games than we may be used to with NBC's coverage. She said, "I won't be covering it like NBC would, but more doing insider stories. I also like the idea they are launching FS1 this month, and I will be able to be a part of it and see it take shape and form. And also, if I have some sort of ideas how I want to report the Olympics, I will have that freedom to do it."

Alongside Kwan, Fox have also hired Olympic skiing champion Picabo Street as another analysts, and the two are expected to pool their knowledge and resources together and become a sports presenting team to be reckoned with. Both Kwan and Street begin their presenting duties this month.

Michelle Kwan ESPY Awards
Kwan won two Olympic medals in her time as a competitive skater, silver in 1998 and bronze four years later