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The 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards arrivals

Jane Lynch, Michaela Watkins and Jill Soloway - The 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 2nd March 2014

Jane Lynch
Jane Lynch

ABC TCA Winter 2014 Party

Michaela Watkins - ABC Television Critics Association Winter 2014 Party - Pasadena, California, United States - Saturday 18th January 2014

Michaela Watkins
Michaela Watkins
Michaela Watkins and Frankie Shaw

Malin Akerman On Trophy Wife Filmset

Malin Akerman, Bradley Whitford, Marcia Gay Harden and Michaela Watkins - Malin Akerman gets ready to hit the courts for a tennis match on the set of "Trophy Wife" filming in Burbank. The actress sported an all white tennis gear was joined by co stars Bradley Whitford, Marcia Gay Harden and Michaela Watkins. - Burbank, California, United States - Thursday 5th December 2013

Malin Akerman
Malin Akerman
Malin Akerman
Malin Akerman and Bradley Whitford
Malin Akerman

Afternoon Delight Trailer

Rachel is a married stay at home mother who you'd think had no worries in the world; she has a well-off husband, a beautiful house, an adorable son and plenty of friends but somehow, she just doesn't seem to fit in. She visits her therapist regularly to discuss her floundering career prospects and totally diminishing sex life. One day, however, a friend of hers comes up with an idea to hit a strip club where Rachel meets a 19-year-old lap dancer named McKenna. Rachel later bumps into her in the street, where she had been thrown out of her home, and offers her a place to stay. Enlisting her as a live-in nanny, Rachel becomes fixated on helping McKenna find a better life, to the shock of her husband Jeff and friends. McKenna's presence soon becomes a strain on her marriage and Jeff starts to wonder if it's Rachel who needs the help, not McKenna.

Primetime Emmy nominated Jill Soloway ('Six Feet Under', 'United States of Tara') has directed and written this comedy drama about true happiness and contentment with the cards you have been dealt. It's poignancy and gentle humour won it the Directing Award at 2013 Sundance Film Festival, with it also being nominated for the Grand Jury Prize. 

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HBO's Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Post Award Reception

Michaela Watkins - HBO's Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Post Award Reception at The Plaza at the Pacific Design Center - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 22nd September 2013

Michaela Watkins

In a World... Review


After playing comical sidekicks in rom-coms like No Strings Attached and What Happens in Vegas, Lake Bell emerges as a rising-star filmmaker with the smartest, funniest comedy of the year. Winner of the screenwriting award at Sundance, this script is painfully hilarious, drawing on the characters' personalities to take us into a previously unseen side of the movie industry. It's also a rare Hollywood movie that refuses to shy away from anything.

We're talking about voiceover artists here, specifically those who provide the rumbling commentary for movie trailers. The late Don LaFountaine was the voice behind all of those iconic "In a world..." trailers, and now a studio wants to revive them for a new epic quadrilogy. The top contender for the job is Sam (Melamed), a veteran who decides to let his protege, the egotistical womaniser Gustav (Marino), have the job. Then Sam's voice-coach daughter Carol (Bell) throws her hat in the ring, which is unthinkable because a woman has never narrated this kind of trailer. She prepares for the audition with the help of a love-struck sound engineer (Martin), but is distracted by issues between her sister and brother-in-law (Watkins and Corddry) and the fact that her dad's new girlfriend (Holden) is younger than she is.

Bell juggles all of these plot strands brilliantly as a writer, director and actor, generously giving her costars the most riotously funny dialog while Carol pings around between them. And since we see everything through her eyes, she emerges as a hugely engaging woman who is smart, skilled and also likeably flawed. Every performance is natural and amusing, with the kind of astutely witty dialog actors can really sink their teeth into. And there are some uproarious cameos along the way, including Offerman as a wry colleague, Davis as a studio head, Longoria as a vocal client and Diaz as the star of a Hunger Games-style saga.

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Enough Said Trailer

Eva, a divorced, single mother who faces the impending departure of her soon to be college bound daughter, meets Albert, an easy going, teddy-bear of man who has a complicated relationship with his ex-wife. 

Eva pursues Albert and the couple's relationship quickly blossoms until Eva's latest friend, Marianne, gets a phone call from her supposedly miserable, horrible and selfish ex-husband. Albert.    

Eva finds her relationship being tested and doubting her new partner after being sub-consciously influenced by Marianne. Eva must discover the truth about Albert in order find out first hand if he is as the man Marianne suggests he is. 

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ABC TCA Summer 2013 Party

Michaela Watkins, Malin Akerman and Natalie Morales - ABC TCA Summer 2013 Party - Beverly Hills, CA, United States - Monday 5th August 2013

Michaela Watkins
Michaela Watkins, Malin Akerman and Natalie Morales
Michaela Watkins, Malin Akerman and Natalie Morales
Michaela Watkins
Michaela Watkins, Malin Akerman and Natalie Morales

Thanks For Sharing Trailer

Adam is a nice guy who's willing to be faithful to his girlfriend Phoebe, there's just one problem; he's addicted to sex. Despite Phoebe's initial scepticism and distrust, Adam attends group therapy classes to overcome his clinical neurosis before it destroys his chance of love. There he meets Neil, someone who doesn't actually have sex, but whose addiction stems to getting as close to women as possible and has already lost him his job after his boss caught him filming up her skirt. Neil becomes best buddies with Dede, one of the only women in the therapy group who he puts all his energy into helping recover from her own problem. With everyone banding together to face their demons, beautiful friendships are discovered and waning relationships are healed.

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'In A World'...Where Lake Bell Talks About Voices [Trailer]

Lake Bell Eva Longoria Fred Melamed Demetri Martin Michaela Watkins Rob Corddry Ken Marino Zooey Deschanel

Lake Bell revealed in an interview with Yahoo! Movies that she was trying to address more than an inequality in the film industry with her new movie In A World, if we subconsciously associate power and a sense of omnipotence (which is needed for narrating film trailers) with manliness, thus culturally its preferable for us to hear a man narrating. Or that "resonance" makes it "easier and more authoritative to hear".

Another reason for doing the film is Bell's own strident stance on the power of speech and intonation she uses the insipid use of "sexy baby talk" as an example emphasising the importance of using your voice as it "is such a profound tool for communication and how you are perceived".

That all sounds terribly deep and philosophical yet that's not how it comes across in the trailer with Bell showing off her vocal skills (the Russian Star Wars impression is something to look out for).

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In A World Trailer

Carol is a successful vocal coach with an extraordinary talent for accents, even training the likes of Eva Longoria for acting roles. However, her one ambition remains practically unattainable - to become a voiceover star. With her father, a talented master of voiceovers himself, showing little confidence in her because of the fact that she is a woman along with her own struggle to sound foreboding and intimidating, Carol seems destined to coach people on accents for the rest of her career.  Can Carol coach herself to become one of very few voiceover legends, or will her own talent fail her at the last hurdle?

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Wanderlust Review

An unusually sharp script makes this silly comedy thoroughly enjoyable, even when it tips over the top. And it helps that there's terrific chemistry between Rudd and Aniston, plus a range of riotous side characters.

When their over-extended Manhattan lifestyle falls apart, George and Linda (Rudd and Aniston) head to Atlanta to regroup at the home of George's rich brother (Marino) and his medicated wife (Watkins). But on the way they stop at a B&B in Elysium, a countryside commune that sparks their imagination of a possible new life. Led by forgetful founder Carvin (Alda) and self-important guru Seth (Theroux), George and Linda are surprised at how well they fit in.

But this free-spirited, free-loving society starts to strain their relationship.

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The Back-up Plan Review

As far as romantic comedies go, this is just about watchable. Even though it's both silly and sappy, it has a vaguely realistic tone that lets us identify with the characters. Even if the romance falls flat, the romance is sweet.

Zoe (Lopez) is a busy but single New Yorker desperate to have a child, so she heads to the sperm bank. After her doctor (Klein) helps her conceive, even a clash with an annoying stranger, Stan (O'Loughlin), can't ruin her day. Of course, she runs into him again, and this time notices that he's both annoying and drop-dead gorgeous. So how will he react when he finds out that Zoe is pregnant?

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